About Us

We believe in providing value – our team is experienced, we work quickly, empower your team and aim to leave a lasting, positive legacy in your company.

We treat our Clients’ businesses like our own. We give objective advice, commit wholeheartedly to your project and follow through to a successful conclusion.

We immerse ourselves in our Clients’ businesses – we’ve been down coal mines, had senior consultants pack supermarket shelves (to better observe point-of-purchase consumer behaviour), been in numerous factories, been in the engine room and hold of cargo ships, etc. We want to understand the value chain and the assumptions behind the numbers and ensure that we experience the business before making far-reaching recommendations.

Our work is serious – jobs could be at risk, shareholders might be trying to exit with a decent retirement package, Buyers need to acquire businesses at prices which make financial sense. However, we also try to make the experience enjoyable for our Clients and are acutely aware of the need to be humane.

We will not work with the fur or tobacco sectors.