M&A Deal Management M&A Deal Management


We assist Buyers and Sellers with transactions including significant share sales / acquisitions, M&As, MBOs, etc


We help Sellers to prepare and package their companies for a sale. We help you with a valuation, a Prospectus and to prepare for the type of questions that Buyers are likely to ask. Once a Buyer has been identified, we approach them (confidentially if required) on your behalf and then we keep the process on track via our Deal Project Management offering.

Our minimum deal size is R10m (or equivalent in some other currency) and, except in high-growth start-ups, we prefer to work with companies with at least 3 years of history, unless the firm is an exceptionally high potential market disruptor.


We help Buyers identify high potential acquisition targets and then assist them to confidentially approach potential Sellers. Especially when entering a new market, we might help the Buyer with a market entry strategy as a precursor for approaching a potential partner in that market.

Once the process has started, we can assist with our Due Diligence and Deal Project Management offerings.

Our minimum deal size is R10m (or equivalent in some other currency) and we are agnostic about the age of the target company.

Case Study

We extracted the client from a loss-making investment

Client: International oil recycling firm
Industry: Oil & gas


The Client had bought 50% of a company in the UAE without:

• An adequate Due Diligence
• Assessing the likely 'fit' with the other 50% shareholder

The investment was losing money, was technically insolvent and the relationship between the 2 shareholders was dysfunctional. Moreover, they could not agree on a price for the shares. There was deadlock so, effectively, neither could exit.


A 3rd Party Buyer for the Client’s shares would enable a fair value for the shares to be established. That Buyer would either take ownership or would force the other shareholder into exercising his pre-emptive rights.


We created a database of possible Buyers in the region and actively tried to interest them in the investment. Out of fairness, we also made them aware that the other owner did have pre-emptive rights in terms of the Shareholders’ Agreement. One of our prospects did put in an offer which was then countered by the other owner exercising his pre-emptive rights.


Our Client was able to exit a very problematic investment and get well reimbursed for his shares, even though the company was insolvent.